FACE It. A formula for learning. 

Posted: September 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

Great for Year 11 assemblies pre-mocks. Thanks Tom!
PS and an excuse to play Ian Brown too…


keep-calm-and-face-itHave you been exploring ways to teach students how to revise for exams? It’s something lots of students struggle with. Based on recent experience of taking students through GCSE exams this idea was devised by AHT/HoD Deb O’Connor; a simple and powerful formula to convey the essence of good learning and revision. Neatly,it also forms an acronym with another layer of meaning: FACE it! Daunted by revision for exams? FACE it! Think you know it already? FACE it!

Facts. Identify the key facts that need to be known and learn them. Memorise them. Test yourself.

Apply in Context: Use recall of facts to solve problems in new contexts; it’s not enough to learn isolated facts. Test that knowledge in different scenarios using questions in books and past papers.

Exam practice: Use past exam questions to rehearse the process of responding under time pressure, demonstrating your knowledge and understanding, taking…

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